Sam (suicide_details) wrote in supernatural_au,

a quick question about AHBL 2 tickets..

They don't send out the tickets for the All Hell Breaks Loose II convention, do they? They say on their website that they don't, but my friend says that apparently her e-mail stated that they would send hers out.

If they don't send the tickets out, do we just print out the receipt and hand it to them at the door? Is bringing along a photo I.D. necessary? Because I don't have one. :( (It also looks as if my receipt leaves some information out, like my name. There's a blank space where it says name. Is that normal?)

I'm just really nervous and being overly paranoid as this is my first convention for a specific fandom. Any help/advice would be appreciated :)

Edit: Thanks for all the help guys, I ended up emailing the Hub and am hoping for a reply
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