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Supernatural Australia

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Autographed Supernatural '67 Chevy Impala for Sale [May. 13th, 2011|11:30 am]
Supernatural Australia

I’m sorry if this is not the place for that, but I’m selling my ’67 Impala replica car. It’s signed by Jensen, Jared and Misha. If you are interested in it, here is the ebay link: cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll
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a quick question about AHBL 2 tickets.. [Apr. 27th, 2010|09:37 pm]
Supernatural Australia

They don't send out the tickets for the All Hell Breaks Loose II convention, do they? They say on their website that they don't, but my friend says that apparently her e-mail stated that they would send hers out.

If they don't send the tickets out, do we just print out the receipt and hand it to them at the door? Is bringing along a photo I.D. necessary? Because I don't have one. :( (It also looks as if my receipt leaves some information out, like my name. There's a blank space where it says name. Is that normal?)

I'm just really nervous and being overly paranoid as this is my first convention for a specific fandom. Any help/advice would be appreciated :)

Edit: Thanks for all the help guys, I ended up emailing the Hub and am hoping for a reply
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So, the final line up for AHBL 2 is [Jan. 9th, 2010|07:21 pm]
Supernatural Australia

Jim Beaver, Misha Collins, Samantha Ferris, Rob Benedict and Julie McNiven.

The Hub hope we are as excited as they are. Excited wouldn't be the first word that comes to mind. Don't get me wrong, I love Jim and Misha, am interested to hear from Samantha and grateful that we are getting more guests for the money, but.... I'd have loved to see maybe one of the writers or production crew.
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SPN ICONS [Dec. 18th, 2009|07:19 am]
Supernatural Australia

[1-4] Alias
[5] Fringe
[6-21] How I Met Your Mother (cast + various episodes)
[22-33] Lost (cast + text-only)
[34] Star Trek
[35-39] Supernatural
[40-88] True Blood (cast + various episodes)
[89-105] Whedonverse (Dollhouse + Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog)

Here @ sexy_mood_music. The post will be public for 5 days! Please read the rules at the entry, and please leave any comments or feedback you have over there, too. Thank you! :)
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Back on Channel 10 [Nov. 24th, 2009|03:07 pm]
Supernatural Australia


Just in case people aren't aware of it yet, Supernatural season 5 is back on Australian TV next Monday at 8:30 pm on Channel Ten. It's a double episode, so I believe it's Sympathy For the Devil and Good God Y'all. Does anyone know if they're going to continue showing 2 episodes a week? If so, we'll catch up to the US fairly quickly.

The new episiodes in the States start on the 21st January - the 10th episode was on last Friday Australian time.
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Save Cas! [Oct. 18th, 2009|04:18 pm]
Supernatural Australia

@ Fandom Showdown, Castiel is about to DIE!!! D:

we already let Dean die, don't let the same happen to Cas!!!!

Vote Sirius/Arthur to SAVE HIM before Merlin fandom have him killed!!!!!!!!

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right from Twitter... [Oct. 3rd, 2009|01:28 pm]
Supernatural Australia

[Current Mood |bouncybouncy]
[Current Music |SN; 5x04]

@jumblejim Signed contracts for a convention in Australia next May.

ETA: He said something about Melbourne 8-9th May earlier.

ETA2: The Hub guys are in Perth and have just 'confirmed' both a Melbourne AND Sydney con.
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Channel Ten Twitter [Sep. 30th, 2009|02:52 pm]
Supernatural Australia

[Current Mood |gloomyUnimpressed]

Hey Guys

Just thought I would let you know that for the past few days I have been trying to get answers out of Channel Ten via their twitter (@CHANNELTENPRESS) about our show, and they tweeted me (@gypsytonijane) back saying "no lauch date is set" They now seem to have blocked me.

So I cannot get any answers out of them.

I tried, sorry.

I hate these guys...Blocking fans who wants answers? That's low.
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I'm the bearer of bad news. [Sep. 20th, 2009|09:50 pm]
Supernatural Australia


Apparently Supernatural has been bumped from its September 28 return in favour of Nurse Jackie and Little Britian USA. Who knows when it'll actually commence. This is really giving me the irrits.

You can read the article here:


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Supernatural Returns September 28th! [Sep. 12th, 2009|05:58 pm]
Supernatural Australia

[Current Music |Ratt ~ "Round & Round"]


Returning: Supernatural. Bumped: Dexter
* By David Knox on September 11, 2009

More changes to Mondays from TEN, none of which are particularly surprising.

Supernatural is returning at 9:40pm Monday September 28th (and presumably later whenever GNW extends).

This fifth series, possibly its last (still undecided), has just aired in the US today.

That’s bad news for committed fans of Dexter, now bumped to 11:30pm Saturdays from October 4th. It stays put for two more weeks.

TEN shares your pain…I think.

Who knows how long it'll stick around though. Hopefully if Ten does take it off during non-ratings time, they'll bring it back February. We don't want to go through another 5-month hellatus.
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